Around the end of March 2017, the beginning of the northern hemisphere spring, I had a sudden urge for colours and to do it in an analogue way. I needed to paint. Throughout the years I had been collecting watercolour palettes, but never really committing any serious time to using them. This time it was different -I had to just put brush to paper and get going. And this is how GardeniaFair began the watercolours era.

I have enjoyed photography since I was very young. I had my first Kodak Instamatic when I was 10 years old. I photographed with my father’s 1960s Voigtländer after that. In the mid 80s I got a coveted Nikon FE2 and started shooting on slide film, notably the unforgettable Kodachrome. My focus was on landscapes, nature, wildlife and plants, and a little bit of urban photography.   In 2009 I switched to a digital camera,  a Nikon D90 and went on from there to focus mostly on landscapes, architecture, street photography and mood-setting photo essays. In 2016 I had the urge of going back to analogue and bought the same FE2 I had a couple of decades ago. I am shooting specialty films such as Revolog. The moment I held the camera, I knew exactly where every button was, which one to press to do what…it was very comforting and rewarding. This as beginning of a come back to an analogue era.  In 2017 I got a Lomography Instant Camera -to live the analogue experience with an instant component.

Still after all this experimentation, I felt the need to move further away from technology, from screens and machines and express myself visually using paintings -specifically watercolours. And a new journey began.

Painting showed up as part of high-school classes on art, and since then I have always had a palette around the house. I have bought watercolours, gouache and acrylics to experiment, and was happy with small projects here and there. But I was not ready to commit to the medium.  Most of the times I was just playing around with colours -as my main medium for expression was photography.

I enjoy exploring the medium through the textures, the colour mixes and the different experiences with papers. I am curious to see where the journey takes me and I am thankful for your interest in joining me for parts of it.



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