The Covid19 pandemic has gotten us all to live under exceptional and difficult times. Small and independent businesses are especially affected if they depend on organising activities with the public, as is the case of the GardeniaFair workshops. I am therefore very sad to announce that all workshops planned for April and May have been cancelled until further notice.

Berlin has been in lock down for the last 2 weeks of March already. It makes sense to enact these restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. With no vaccine and no cure, the only successfull strategy is to avoid catching the virus in the first place. I am monitoring the situation closely and will resume activities when the situation improves.

I will try to offer content online, via blog posts or tutorials in the meantime. This will demand a steep learning curve, as I need to learn video and audio editing. I will be turning to Skillshare for this, as there seem to be good courses there. If you are interested to use this down time to learn something new, give Skillshare a try. You can start with 2 free months if you use this code  .You will be asked for a credit card number, but it will not be charged unless you decide to extend your membership beyond the free 2 months.

In the meantime, please stay home and take care of yourselves.