November 2021: The Impact of Colour returns

November 2021: The Impact of Colour returns

Jul 8, 2021 | General, Watercolour, Workshops

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Save the date for October 2021, to sign up for my online workshop “The Impact of colour”. After its debut in the Spring of 2021, “The Impact of Colour” returns with new and updated content: new live exercises, a new handbook and home assignments to complete after the course.

“The Impact of Colour” will allow you to discover the hidden magic behind colour combination, which can bring new life into your paintings…and not only paintings. You can also use these skills if you are interested in interior design, fashion, photography or any other creative area where colour plays an important role.

An all-Berliner (multicultural) initiative

My workshop is part of partnership with two wonderful Berlin based artists: Ame Binnara Kim and Yves Kervoelen.

Ame is an illustrator, watercolour painter and colour maker -and all round colour and pigment expert. Originally from Korea, Ame has made Berlin her home and has thrived in her colour making and colour mixing endeavours. You might also know her as the colour woman behind the handmade watercolours of “Eventually Everything Mixes” or the comic & zine author behind Katzekotze

Yves is an illustrator, educator and architect known for his colourful and quirky illustrations in watercolour. Originally from France, Yves is a Berliner artist with deep roots in the community: he is the founder of Handmade Berlin, an initiative showcasing Berlin based artists. Yves is also member of the orga team behind the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv, where I am also engaged.

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