The Impact of Colour + online courses

Join me in November for a whole month of watercolour! Today we start the early bird registration with a 20% discount code (EARLYBIRD) 🦜 for the “Mix, Match, Fly” Watercolour course bundle, which I am launching with two Berlin based artists, Ame and Yves. Read more about this in this post (LINK)

The Impact of Colour workshop focuses on how we can combine colours to express what we want. Inspired by great colour masters such as the Bauhaus Masters Johannes Itten, Paul Klee and Josef Albers, the worshop will strengthen your knowledge of colour combinations and help you pick the perfect match for your paintings.

You will learn

  • Introduction to basic colour theories
  • Exercises to loosen up before painting
  • Using a colour star
  • Choosing colour combinations
  • 7 types of colour contrasts: how to use them for maximum impact
  • Examples of contrasts in modern art
  • Using contrasts to express moods
  • Abstract uses of contrasts

The Impact of Colour explores visionary ideas and innovations in the art of colours first taught in the 1920s at the Bauhaus school for art and architecture in the 201th century. Many of these principles still inspire modern and contemporary art and design -over a century later.


1. A brief history of colour in art

Starting with a review of art history focusing on colours, we arrive at the teachings of the pioneer Bauhaus school Masters Johannes Itten and his fellow colleagues Paul Klee and Vassili Kandinsky. Along the way we will also explore how the basics of colour contrasts in very well known masterpieces, which we will now look with the perspective of colours, rhythm and contrast.

2. Contrasts, rythm and composition

We will use methods and stylistic elements of the Bauhaus school, such as exercises focusing on pairs of opposites, rhythm, composition, texture and contrasts. This will also allow us to use painterly compositions, exploring new ways of using paint to create texture, use forms and negative space in the art pieces.

3. Dont be afraid of the blank page: add colour!

Composition ideas can go from pictorial spaces and surfaces to geometric forms. We go back to basic methods of design to enrich your paintings.

4. After The Impact of Colour

By the end of the course you will not only understand how to use the design and colour principles of the Bauhaus school, but also how to bring them to life in your own 21 century art practice. The colour and design skills you will gain will be at your disposal to use with any medium, in interior decoration or even picking up pieces of clothing to match.