Gardenia (c) Chidorian / Flick

Welcome to Gardenia Fair! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here.

Gardenia Fair´s original mission was to “liberate” many photos which have so far been pressed tight in countless pages of photo albums, suffered in the dark spaces of boxes full of Kodachrome slides or accumulated many gigabytes of space in several external hard drives. Focused across both urban and landscape photography, with a passion for nature and especially birds and plants, through details of things worth looking more closely, the photographs reflect the curious look and eclectic approach to selection of subjects for photos.

As from 2017, GardeniaFair’s mission is also to showcase my work on watercolours. This work is emerging and experimental and it expands in many directions: abstract, figurative, landscapes, geometric…and even more experiments in colours. No idea where the journey will take this…

If you see anything you like, if you would like to use any of the photos to illustrate a project or publication, or would like to collaborate on something, or want to say hello, just click here to get in touch.




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