October 2021: The Impact of Colour returns

Save the date for October 2021, to sign up for my online workshop “The Impact of colour”. After its debut in the Spring of 2021, “The Impact of Colour” returns with new and updated content: new live exercises, a new handbook and home assignments to complete after the course.

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2021 Spring Live Online Workshops

I am so very proud to announce that I will be offering a live online course in the spring of 2021! My workshop "The Impact of Colour" will focus on how we can combine colours to express what we want. Inspired by great colour masters such as the Bauhaus Masters...

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Art is where we are free

Art is the space where everything is possible, where no restrictions apply when it comes to imagining what turns up in my page or my photos. Anything I can imagine, I can put on my page -as much as my skills let me, at least. When I am out there taking photos, it is...

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Coronavirus Update – Workshops cancelled

The Covid19 pandemic has gotten us all to live under exceptional and difficult times. Small and independent businesses are especially affected if they depend on organising activities with the public, as is the case of the GardeniaFair workshops. I am therefore very...

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Workshops are coming!

I am very pleased to announce that a whole series of workshops is coming in 2020. I am scouting lots of interesting locations for us to spend a wonderful afternoon together -and Berlin is full of marvelous places to discover. The workshops will offer you a chance to...

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